Registration for FIM 2023 event

Registration is open until SATURDAY 25.2. until 11:30.

Please note the schedules of the series. Get your number no later than 30 minutes before your own start.


Finland Ice Marathon 2023 will be competed on a 7.5 km course!

Original eventRace eventLaps
10 km9,5 km1 + 2 km track
25 km22,5 km3
50 km52,5 km7
100 km105 km14

The participation fee must be paid in connection with registration in online banking or with a sports benefit. Do not accept cash.

Participants are not insured on behalf of the event organizer. The participant participates in the event at his own risk. Each participant is responsible for their own insurance. The event organizer is not responsible for equipment breakages.

Registration and number search must be completed at least 30 minutes before start. 

Each participant will receive a medal at the finish. There are prizes for the top three in the series. Awards will be awarded outside in the event area

Included in the entry fee

  • Participation to the famous ice-skating event in Finland
  • Refreshment points during competition and at finish
  • Electrical timing and results service by International result service UltimateLIVE
  • Changing tent area
  • Equipment storage
  • After race soup (fish soup - lactose and gluten free or vegan option - lactore, gluten and dairy free)
  • Finland Ice Marathon medal
  • First aid on the route and at the finish
  • Shower and sauna at Scandic Kuopio
  • entry FIM After party at Hophaus Kuopio

The organizer reserve rights to change schedule and race distances.

Group registrations

Please note, Finnish business ID (y-tunnus) is required for group registration.

For foreign associations and groups that do not have a Finnish business ID (y-tunnus):

Contact: tiina.kiiskinen (a)

You get 10% discount on the total amount for group registrations of at least 5 people.

The group does not have to participate in the same trip, but each member of the group can choose the sport that suits them (skating, pole skating, kick sledding).

The primary invoicing method for group registration is an e-mail invoice. For online invoicing, contact tiina.kiiskinen (a)


Early bird pricatable until 19.2.2023

Event week pricetable from 20. till 25.2.2023

Marathon and ice skating

Early bird

Event week


DOUBLE RACE 105 km (100 km) and  52,5 (50 km)70 €100 €

Series: universal for men and women.

In DOUBLE RACE, you can participate in two series with one skate. By participating in the 100 km skating, you will receive the result of the 50 km race in the interval.

Ice skating 105 km (100 km)50 €70 €

Series: universal for men and women.

Finnish Championship Marathon skating 100 km and 50 km

Ice skating 52,5 km (50 km)40 €60 €

Series: universal for men and women.

Finnish Championship Marathon skating 100 km and 50 km 

Ice skating 22,5 km (25 km)20 €40 €
Series: universal for men and women.
Ice skating 9,5 km (10 km)20 €30 €
Series: universal for men and women.

Ice skating YOUTH 9,5 (10 km)

Series: 15-y or under girls and boys.

10 €10 €
Ice skating YOUTH 2 km
Series: 12-y or under girls and boys
10 €10 €

Youth races on the main track - registration in advance

The age limits for the youth series are recommendations. Younger children can participate in the skating series on the main track at the discretion of the guardian. Participants in youth skating skate by themselves without an adult.

Rewarding series:

Youth 10 km skating (timed):

 Series: 15-year-old or younger girls/boys

Youth 2 km skating (timed)

Series: Girls/boys aged 12 or under

The race office is in the Scandic Kuopio hotel (pick-up on Friday evening or Saturday morning, read more in the Info section. There is no need to return the race number. The timing chip must be returned to the finish area.

Children's mini marathon
5 € 

The Children's mini marathon is a playful skating competition for girls and boys aged 6-10. The participation fee is 10 euros and it is paid in cash on ice no later than 30 minutes before the start of your own series. 

Miniamarathon is located Queen-R at the bow of the ship

Registration near the track (It is not possible to register via the online form)

Price: €5/child or €10 for a family (2-3 children)

The track is an approx. 250-meter oval track in the port area and the registration point is nearby.

The competition takes place at the skaters' and their guardians' own responsibility. In Children's mini marathon, the parent must be available during the run.

Championship competitions awarded by the Finnish Skating Association:

Marathon skating 100 km and 50 km (series: M/N 40, 50, 60)*

*Participating in the Finnish Championship (marathon skating 100 km and 50 km (series: M/W 40, 50, 60) competition requires a license from the ice skating association and a skater can only participate in one Finnish Championship competition at a time. The right to participate in the Finnish Championship is available to all Finnish citizens who have a license from the ice skating association.


Early bird

Event week


Ice skating w/ poles 52,5 km (50 km)40 €60 €
Series: universal for men and women.
Ice skating w/ poles 22,5 km (25 km)20 €40 €
Series: universal for men and women.


Early bird

Event week


Kicksled 52,5 km (50 km)40 €60 €
Series: universal for men and women.
Kicksled 22,5 km (25 km)20 €40 €
Series: universal for men and women.


Discount with a student card

You will get 5€ discount when signing up with student card

Be prepared to present your student card at the competition office. Register at the student price like this: 

  • When registering, select Student discount under Discount 
  • Enter the student card number and the name of the educational institution The system calculates the price in connection with automatic payment

Overall badge with SYKETTÄ sticker

By registering for the event with a student discount and a SYKETTÄ sticker, you get a overall badge! 

Act quickly, because there is only a super special batch (50 pcs) of overalls brands! The overall badge can be picked up at the competition office when searching for a number.

Cancellation terms:

Finland Ice Marathon entry fees are non-refundable in every case. 

You can postpone your registration with fee of 10 € before start

Postpone registration for the next year

Please note that you can only make the transfer once!

In case of an illness or an injury, you can postpone registration for the next year's event. You need to inform postpone before start,

You can postpone your registration with fee of 10 € before start

Please contact to tiina.kiikinen(a) for more info

Transferring to another person

Race or bib number is personal and should not to be given to another person. 

You can tranfer your participation to a new skater or racer with fee of 10 € before start. 

Please contact to tiina.kiikinen(a) if you want to tranfer your participation to another person

How to change distance

You can change race event or distance with fee of 10 €

If the trip changes, we charge the price difference in addition to the 10 € change fee

You can change your distance before Thursday 23 February 2023

Please notice we will not return the price if you want to change it to cheaper event. 

Please contact tiina.kiikinen(a)