The competition is following  the rules and racing instructions of lake skating of Finnish Skating Union.

Instructions and rules for ice skating on natural ice 

  1. The skater must behave in a fair and sporting spirit. 
  2. The start is executed as a neutral start, the gathering is 100 m before the start/finish line. The fastest skaters in the front row. Start carefully, you will have time to pass others on the way. Timing will start after crossing the start line, after the sound of the starting pistol. 
  3. Keep your skating line, do not make sudden moves to the side, do not try to fit into a small space between others. 
  4. Skate on the left hand side of the track, so that faster skaters and the best skaters of other distances can pass safely from the right. 
  5. Avoid skating side by side, so that you will not cause anyone to fall.
  6.  Drafting behind other skaters is allowed, as long as it does not cause any disturbance to other skaters. Helping someone by e.g. pushing is forbidden. 
  7. Blocking, holding other skaters or pushing them to the side is forbidden. 
  8. Tactical deceleration of pace for own or a friend’s breakaway from the top group is allowed, as long as it does not block other skaters’ chance to follow or pass. 
  9. Skaters in the top group can choose their position in the line freely, but those being passed are not allowed to go in between the line, only to the end of the line. 
  10. The skater must him/herself take care that s/he has skated the sufficient amount of rounds. The timing system measures lap times and final time, thus controlling the skated rounds. 
  11. On the finish stretch, the skaters on a round will give way to the finish of the top group, choose the finishing lane accordingly. Passed skaters are not allowed to join the top group. 
  12. Crossing the finish line and time will be defined based on the moment the top of the first skate’s shoe part crosses the finish line. Raise your hand after crossing the finish line, and steer to the side for maintenance or a guided finish group. If needed, the winner can be settled with the help of a finish line camera or video footage. 
  13. The usage of any equipment or sails that affect the skating speed is forbidden. 
  14. Shortcuts or a premature start are forbidden. 
  15. The skater must skate on the marked and fixed ice skating track. 
  16. The tops and ends of the skate blades must be rounded to avoid leg injuries. 
  17. In case of broken skates, it if possible to either pull out of the competition or change skates. 
  18. We strongly recommend using a helmet. Also the usage of knee, leg and elbow pads is recommended. 
  19. The skater must personally choose the clothing and equipment according to the weather and the condition of the ice. 
  20. The skater must pay attention, that the timing chip and race number(s) are attached and located according to the separate instructions. 
  21. The skater can keep his/her own drinking bottle/backpack and supplements in addition to those arranged by the organiser. Also personal outside food or drink supplies are allowed. 
  22. If you have to pull out of the competition, inform the organisers. 
  23. The organisers have the right to change start times, distances and the length of the track based on weather conditions and the condition of the ice. The competition can also be interrupted if necessary by a ruling of the judges. 
  24. The skaters must begin the last round latest before the closing time of the start gate (4:00 pm). If the competitor cannot reach the final round’s start by this time, their competition will be interrupted. 
  25. The competitors take part in the competition at their own risk, and are responsible for their own accident insurance. 
  26. The skater must follow the instructions and orders of the race manager and judge. The race manager follows the track in a car on the maintenance course next to the top group of the main distance.
  27. The only allowed traffic on the maintenance course are the referee car, first aid and track maintenance.
  28. The skating track will be repaired if necessary, for example in the case of snowing during the competition. The decision will be made by the race manager. If the track is being repaired, the competitors must exercise extreme caution.
  29. In the Finnish Championship (SM) Competition, the skater must have a valid ice skating license from Suomen Luisteluliitto (Finnish Ice Skating Federation).


The jury of the competition handles all the protests. A protest will be done at the latest 30 minutes after the ending of the competition. The protest will be left to the senior judge. Protest payment is 50 € which will be given back if the protest is accepted.