Registration for FIM 2023 event

Register for the FIM 2023 event during December, you will receive the Kuopio 2023 calendar! The value of the benefit is 15 €.

The benefit only applies to new registrations.

The Kuopio 2023 calendar can be picked up from FIM race office during the event.

You can aldo pick up the calendar before event from Pohjois-Savon Liikunta’s office. (for more info: contact esa.pietikainen(a)

Benefit cannot be converted into cash and unused benefit are not refunded. The benefit is personal and cannot be transferred to another person. We can mail the calendar for an additional fee of 5 euros (in Finland). We do not mail calendars abroad.

Why you should not miss out Finland Ice Marathon?

Ice skating outdoors at lake Kallavesi

Lake Kallavesi is part of the Kuopio and Savo identity. Lake Kallavesi is home of Finland Ice Marathon which is one of Finland's oldest ice skating events on natural ice.

One-of-a-kind experience on the ice

The course is made on the natural ice of Kallavesi. From middle of January until beginning of March, you can ice skate, cycle or kick sled in heart of Finnish lakeland.

Moonlight skating

Don’t miss out ice skating under moonlight. The rink will be decoretad with Finnish fire logs and picture-taking opportunities. 

Route description:

The course is made on the natural ice of Kallavesi. The lap is at 4, 6 or 8 km long (weather conditions permitting). 

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