Ice track maps

Everyone moves on the ice at their own risk. The organizer (Pohjois-Savo Liikunta) does not take responsibility for material or health damage. Participants should consider other ice riders. Participants are not insured by the event organizer (Pohjois-Savon Liikunta ry) or the track operator (Mestar). 

The master maintains and repairs the ice on weekdays.

Natural ice rinks will first be opened in Kuopio's passenger harbor. The various tracks will be refurbished and opened according to the weather during January. 

The natural ice skating trails run through Kuopio's passenger harbor and Kuopio Bay to Kuopio's Saana in Bellanranta. Follow the Finland Ice Marathon on Facebook, Instagram and online, where we update the latest information on natural ice skating rinks.

The maintenance of Kuopio's natural ice skating rinks has been stopped.

Thanks everyone and see you in 2024!