Special COVID-19 updates

The new restrictions will enter into force on 27 January and will remain in force until 25 February. The new restrictions aim to reduce cross-border traffic in order to prevent the spread of the new COVID-19 variants.

The epidemiological situation in Finland differs considerably from that in other Schengen countries. For this reason, the risk that travellers might spread the virus variants is significant in Finland.

Under the Constitution of Finland, Finnish citizens and residents of Finland always have the right to return to Finland, and everyone has the right to leave Finland if they so wish, provided that there is no legal impediment to this.

In accordance with the THL recommendation and to prevent the spread of the new virus variants to Finland, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs urges to avoid all travel to the United Kingdom, Ireland and South Africa.

For all other countries, the Foreign Ministry’s general travel advice due to the COVID-19 pandemic is to avoid all but essential travel. This general advice does not apply to countries for which the Finnish Government has already lifted the entry restrictions.

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