Photo Contest

Photo Contest: It's my moment with FIM 

We are kicking off the event by weekly photo contest with the concept: It's my moment with FIM. 

There is no limit for your photo, as long as it reminds Finland Ice Marathon. We do not ask you to capture the photos at Kuopio harbour, and the photos needless to be professional. Those can be taken at anywhere and anyhow in the world. 

It would be great if your photo has a story behind. So, be creative! 

Award: Free entries to FIM 2022 at any kinds: Skating, biking, kicksleding, and skiing. 

To enter this contest: 

1. Find and take a photo that shows your moment with FIM

2. Post your photo on Facebook or Instagram

3. Leave a short description

4. Hashtags #FIMphotocontest AND #Finlandicemarathon and tag @Finlandicemarathon

You must also be following us on both Facebook and Instagram.


Photos will be accepted from now to 23:59 on 28th February. So the contest lasts for 3 weeks! 

The winners of every weeks will be announced on every Monday (15th, 22nd, 29th Feb respectively) 

Follow us to see whether you are a winner! 

We are looking forward to see your photos. 

Good luck!