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We did it - Thank you! We will see ya in 2021! 

Year 2020 has been really challening for outdoor events. Due the lack of snow and temperature changes we had to make decisions before and during race. Luckily we had frost just couple days before events. The snow guy was in our side!  

During FIM2020 we had Mokkemaraton (Goalie Maraton) charity event on Saturday. The idea of Mokkemarathon was to collect money to Kuopio Päihdepalvelusäätiölle (Kuopio’s Substance Abuse Foundation). The purpose of the Substance Abuse Foundation is to prevent and reduce substance abuse and other addiction problems and related marginalization in the Kuopio region. 

Now it's time to give feedback to us! We will share free tickets among them you will give feedback. You might be the lucky one who will receive free ticket for FIM2021! 

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Hopefully we will see ya all in next year 2021! Finland Ice Marathon 2021 will be held on Fri 26th and Sat 27th of February 2021! 
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Results from FIM2020
Photos from FIM2020

Tervetulloo Kuopijjoon! 
(it means: welcome to Kuopio!) 

Finland Ice Marathon

Finland Ice Marathon is one of Finland's oldest ice skating events on natural ice. The race centre is in the harbour of Kuopio, catering to participants with activities and comprehensive facilities. The event is organized on the 27th of February 2021 from morning until afternoon.

Route description:

The course is made on the natural ice of Kallavesi. The lap is at 8 km long (weather conditions permitting). 

A new addition is ice biking 100 km, 48 km and 24 km. The biking will be organized already on Friday the 21st of February 2020 at 9 am.