FIM mugs are designed and produced in Finland. Those mugs can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Railo coffee has been made by Record Coffee Company in Kuopio.  And now, the perfect couple are ready to serve! 

Enjoy the Railo coffee flavor with the very local wooden mugs, isn't it the most joyfulness ever? 

Wooden souvenir 5€ (made in Finland)
Railo coffee 10 € (roasted in Kuopio)
FIM Cup 20 € (made in Finland)

OFFER: Combo mug and coffee 25 € (discount 5 €)

You can buy those at:
Pohjois-Savo Sports Office (Haapaniemenkatu 10a, Kuopio)
Mon 11-16
Tue-Thu 9-16
Fri 9-14

M/S Queen ship in Kuopio passenger port, right along the natural ice lines.

The winter café is open daily, unless otherwise stated

FIM coffee officially getting a new name! 

Regarding to the name contest which occured on November, we now come up with an official name - Railo.

Kuopio-based Record Coffee Company made an own name for the Finland Ice Marathon.

Railo (a crevasse) is a deep crack or fracture in the ice. Imagine skating on the ice, enjoying the wonderful winter weather. Ice crunches under the skates; sun shines. Little frost bites your face. Perfect timing to make a cup of coffee, isn't it? 

Railo coffee will be available in February. We will soon inform you where to get this coffee in Kuopio. Let's wait for ice skating and Railo! 

About Record Coffee Company: The basis for quality coffee can be found in the countries of origin, the farmers who work there, who, with the right kind of work, make coffee trees flourish and create amazing flavors. In addition to the country of origin, we tell you who has grown the coffee and how in a sustainable way, respecting people and nature.