Information for competitors


Wellcome to Finland Ice Marathon!

Event area is on the passenger harbour´s ice range in Kuopio.

Competition office and info (address Minna Canthinkatu 4)
open  Fri 23.2 from 7.30 am to 8 pm
open Sat 24.2. from 6.30 am to 2 pm

Post-registration and competition numbers at least one hour before your own start. There are also Finland Ice Marathon hats and scarfs on sale.

Parking areas are marked (FIM-signs) near the competition office and on Kauppakatu 1. There is parking area also behind Hotel Scandic´s parking place near the beach. Lots of parking places are under the Kuopio market place.

Competition dining
In Cafe Basilica, address Kirkkokatu 1. Foodticket is on your competition number.

Shower and sauna
In Hotel Scandic (address Satamakatu 1). Show your competition number. 

Skater´s Night
Official after party and award ceremony is in Bar Nousu, address Kauppakatu 18. Please note the new place! Skater´s Night starts at 8 pm. On stage Mighty 44, showtime 11.30 pm. Ticket for wellcoming drink is on your competition number.

Track condition
Overall track lenght is 12,5 kilometres. Starts are in schedule, but if any changes appear, information will be on facebook,, e-mail and SMS.

We have not insured competitors so everyone is on their own responsibility .

First aid
First Aid is on event area and on tracks. First Aid persons wears red vests.

More information