What else you can do in Kuopio besides than Ice Marathon?


EVENTS IN KUOPIO 21-25.2.2018

22.2.  Jazz concert: Mitch Kashmar (USA) and Tomi Leino Trio, Restaurant Hygge Bro, 7.30 pm

22.2   Symphony concert by Kuopio City orchestra, Kuopio City Theatre, 7 pm

23.2.  Concert and dance evening with a famous Finnish band Yö, Spa-hotel Rauhalahti, 9 pm

24.2.  Concert by young Finnish singer Leo, Henry`s pub, 11 pm

25.2.   Ice hockey: KalPa – Kärpät, womens league, Ice hockey hall Niirala, 6 pm
25.2.  Church concert by Kalakukko Wind Band, Lutheran cathedral Tuomiokirkko, 6 pm
25.2.  Jazz concert by Jussi Lehtonen Band, Restaurant King`s Crown, 8 pm


        -      Puijo tower: http://www.puijo.com/en/


        -      Cinema Scala: https://www.finnkino.fi/elokuvat/ohjelmistossa (all movies are in the original language)